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August 1, 2010

UNITY re-union (A tribute to Bigga B) and a night for Real Hip Hop

Alright, peace! Over my many years as a DJ in the LA. area, I've had a chance to spin at some dope parties. From BRASS to CHOCOLATE BAR I got it in with some of the best dj's and artists, and am truly grateful for the experience. UNITY was one of those parties. Originally promoted as just that (a party) by William "Bigga B" Operin. UNITY came about in the "Golden Era" of Hip Hop. I'd say 1993 - 1998 possibly?. Me and DJ Kiilu where the first DJ's to spin at UNITY, on a rooftop on La Cienega and Venice, and at a warehouse in Inglewood. Shout out to Carmelita!

At the time Bigga B was doing promotions for LOUD Records, Bigga would hit me with all the Loud promo vinyl from Wu Tang to Mobb Deep, of now which I pride myself on having their entire catalogs on vinyl.

From the original parties, promoters Bigga B and Orlando went on to promote some pretty big shows at Unity... I got a chance to see Nas perform Illmatic and It Was Written. Raekwon and Ghostface Killah perform Only Built For Cuban Linx and 36 Chambers. And even Eminem got down at Unity during the days he was putting records out on Rawkus. And you could guarantee at those shows that DJ Mark Luv and C-Minus were holdin' it down on the wheels of steel.

Although me and Kiilu were a last minute add on to the UNITY re-union, it was only right, and much appreciated that we were asked to spin at this event. And all I gotta say is; Shit Was Dope!. I don't get a chance to be around Hip Hop as much as I was in the past, but damn if it didn't feel good to know that Hip Hop is still alive and well, and I'm pretty proud I got to put my mark down on the L.A. scene.

I didn't stick around for P.U.T.S ('cause I'm old and got a day job), but here are some photos I shot. Oh, and I ripped a 45 minute "vinyl only" set by the way. Got the crowd moving!

DJ Kiilu warmin' up the crowd

Mykill Miers

Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian)

Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

Mark Luv and Orlando

Prince Po (Organized Konfusion)

Crush, Kill, Destroy... Stress!

Prince Po and Tash (Tha Liks)

C-Minus & Kiilu

June 13, 2010

Funky Sole & random fun photos of my car & Echo Park

So I was Spinning an all vinyl set @funky_sole last night & Drew Barrymore climbed on stage to ask me about a song I was playing...I told her it was called "Soul Makossa" by The Mighty Tom Cats... and told my friend Dave Orlando I Just met Drew Barrymore... He said... F*ck Drew Barrymore, this is DJ Daz rockin @funky_sole right now... LOL

My Crate
Music Man Miles

May 31, 2010

dj dAz presents; The Sticky Icky recorded live for

1. Fatima – Higher

2. Gonjasufi – Ancesters

3. Erykah Badu – Strawberry Incense

4. Little Dragon – No Love

5. Kenautis Smith – Friends & Candy

6. Sa Ra Creative Partners – Rosebuds

7. MdCL presents Rahel – Hope

8. J Dilla – Safety Dance

9. Finley Quaye – Even After All

10. Jose James – Park Bench People

11. Jose James – Love Conversation

12. Buddy Sativa – Mystic Voyage

13. The Detroit Experiment – Highest

14. Aloe Blacc – I Need A Dollar

15. Te’Amir – Yakermo Sew Remix

Suite For Ma Dukes – Fantastic

Nuff love and ‘spect – Umoja Soundsystem Crew – DJ Tomas, Cokni O’Dire, Jun, Culture D, DJ Destroyer, Stevie G, B-Love. The love of my life Alisa S., the entire Blackburn family, the Cahuenga posse, and all of the L.A. and U.K. people whom ever showed me love and respect. Thank you!

Afex Vs. Brass

Yes. Big shout out to the original BRASS crew Marques, DJ P, Orlando, and myself... hehe. Also, big up Adam 12, Eddie, and all the o.g. L.A. massive that came through to recognize the classic Acid Jazz club from the early nineties. We didn't get into too much jazzy stuff but between me, Adam, and Paul (DJ P) Stewart we def' held it down with classic Hip Hop and Reggae from the nineties... Biggie, A Tribe Called Quest, Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, Black Moon, and mos definitely Gang Starr. Rest in peace GURU!. Here's some flix...

My Vinyl Weighs A Ton
1:36 a.m.
The O.G. Brass Mixtape (Both J. Sugars & Mona Lisa brought copies)
Me, Mona, and DJ M-Walk
Musical Madness
Shot Callin' & 8 Ballin'
Amad Jamal & DJ Ice
DJ Adami 12 holdin' it down in the A.M.

March 24, 2010

New podcast; dj dAz presents: Disco Dub (roots of disco and house)

dj dAz presents: Disco Dub (roots of house & disco)

Gwen McRae – All This Love That I’m Giving
Coke Escovedo – I Wouldn’t Change A Thing
Cymande – Bra (dub)
Chic – I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Re-Edit)
Mr Fingers – What About This Love (Dub)
Bobby Konders – Dis Poem (Version)/Mutubaruka A cappella
Cultural Vibe – Ma Foom Bey (dub)
MK – Burning
Rhythm Is Rhythm - Strings Of Life
Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song
The Black Science Orchestra – New Jersey Deep
Chocolette – It’s The East Beat Street (Dub)
Herman Kelly & Life - Dance To The Drummers Beat

Mixed live by dj dAz of Umoja Soundsystem by using 12” vinyl and mp3’s. Got the idea for this mix by hearing the Todd Terje re-edit of Chic’s “I Want You Love”. Not that I’m a big disco fan but the re-edit made me appreciate the song even more…. Killer version. Big up to Neil Nice in NYC and Kingmost in S.F. for hipping me to the Chic joint. Oh and big up to Cokni O Dire for giving the Ma Foom Bey joint of which he probably got from DJ Destroyer, so Im’a big him up too. Respect!

March 13, 2010

DOOINIT - Guest DJ Kiilu (Freestyle Fellowship)

DOOINIT _ Fridays at the legendary CARBON bar in Culver City, CA. For those that don't know, Culver City is its own city in Los Angeles just west of La Cienega Blvd, south of Beverly Hills, north of Inglewood, and east of the Beaches. Basically... smack dab in the middle of ey'thing!.

Carbon is my home away from home... a place where they welcome me to do my thing... no ego's, no pressure, no playlists, just vibes... And I'm proud to say I've had a whole bunch of legendary L.A. DJ's come through and do guest sets in the past, to the delight of the crowd.

Big up DJ Kiilu for catchin' wreck last night with pure hip hop niceness. You killt it bruh!

DJ Daz pon de mic

Move the crowd


Some greenery made its way onto a record

Hold it down Kiilu


DJ Higher

DJ Higher and DJ Daz (original Chocolate Bar crew)


February 25, 2010

SOUL SESSIONS - Friday 02/26/10

Good vibes happening at Soul Sessions at the Grand Star in Chinatown last night. Ran into some good folks... Ta'Raach, Schmooch Cat, Black Shakespeare, DJ Expo, DJ Inka One, DJ SeanO, and my crew The Village Idiots. Didn't see the homie Idea though. I enjoyed my set although it was a little rusty, I got to knock out some good tunes from J Dilla, Krs One, Theo Parrish, and The Foreign Exchange. All the Soul Sessions DJ's were holdin' it down. I was mos' def' feeling the (Re)Mitch's latin set downstairs in the Lounge at The Grand Star, I love when a DJ's set focuses more on the rhythms of music and less on the popularity of a song and Mitch was channelling the spirit of good music to the Soul Sessions crowd.

Later on in the evening I walked over to the Mountain Bar which was crackin' on some irie reggae and hip hop classics and chilled with my good friend Black Shakespeare. All in all a good night, nuff love to all the Soul Sessions fam for having me: Ninja Simone, The ReMitch, Babby Bubba, Plann B, B-Nasty, Kris and the rest. Big Up.

In The Mix

My good friends Bleu, U.D. and Kaiu

Me, Bleu, and U.D.

The (Re)Mitch

The (Re)Mitch's record

The Mountain Bar:

Black Shakespeare (the $5 doller box, it rocks, it rocks) and intellectual Greek dude

The coolest dude in the business Eric Coleman of Mochilla