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February 25, 2010

SOUL SESSIONS - Friday 02/26/10

Good vibes happening at Soul Sessions at the Grand Star in Chinatown last night. Ran into some good folks... Ta'Raach, Schmooch Cat, Black Shakespeare, DJ Expo, DJ Inka One, DJ SeanO, and my crew The Village Idiots. Didn't see the homie Idea though. I enjoyed my set although it was a little rusty, I got to knock out some good tunes from J Dilla, Krs One, Theo Parrish, and The Foreign Exchange. All the Soul Sessions DJ's were holdin' it down. I was mos' def' feeling the (Re)Mitch's latin set downstairs in the Lounge at The Grand Star, I love when a DJ's set focuses more on the rhythms of music and less on the popularity of a song and Mitch was channelling the spirit of good music to the Soul Sessions crowd.

Later on in the evening I walked over to the Mountain Bar which was crackin' on some irie reggae and hip hop classics and chilled with my good friend Black Shakespeare. All in all a good night, nuff love to all the Soul Sessions fam for having me: Ninja Simone, The ReMitch, Babby Bubba, Plann B, B-Nasty, Kris and the rest. Big Up.

In The Mix

My good friends Bleu, U.D. and Kaiu

Me, Bleu, and U.D.

The (Re)Mitch

The (Re)Mitch's record

The Mountain Bar:

Black Shakespeare (the $5 doller box, it rocks, it rocks) and intellectual Greek dude

The coolest dude in the business Eric Coleman of Mochilla

February 3, 2010

AFEX 02.04.10

Yessir. Just got back from rockin' AFEX. Big thanks to DJ Adam 12 and Eddie Donaldson. Shouts out to all that made it through... Kaiu, U.D., Janukah, Minolie, Jimmy Jam, Idea, Meech, Anna Marie, Ash Knuckles, Gomez Warren, Gaia, Mamasita, A Love, Hannibal, DJ Andrea, Mr. Marcus, Evil E, DJ Analog, and whoever else I forgot... sorry... too many Patron shots. And thanks more than anything to my girl Alisa for supporting me and letting me go out and get the job done. Love you :)

Took some photos, check it out...

DJ Adam 12 & Mr. Marcus

Girls, Girls, Girls

Photo of me spinnin' at Afex courtesy of DJ Adam 12